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Your Four-Legged Pals

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Your Four-Legged Pals

Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Apr 06, 2011 at 04:00 AM 0 comments

Knowing for years that commercial pet food is some of the worst junk foods, I’ve always cooked what I believed was healthy food for my animals: brown rice with vegetables and meat. One day, I saw an ad for a workshop called “Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.” This intrigued me, and my “inner ding” said, Go check this out. So I did.

When I entered the room, I saw a magnificent Newfoundland. It belonged to the leader of the workshop. Her name was Kymythy Schultze. The dog was loving and friendly with a shiny coat and clean teeth, and she smelled delicious. I fell in love with this dog!

Whatever she was eating had to be good for her. Kymythy told us, “Remember, dogs and cats are carnivores. In the wild, no animal cooks its food. Your pet needs species-appropriate nutrition to achieve optimum health.” I thought, Of course, it’s so simple. Why didn’t I think of it before?

Kymythy’s secret is feeding your pets raw meat, raw bones, and raw vegetables. If you love your pet (and I know you do), you’ll want to read Kymythy’s book, Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats and follow the instructions. You’ll have the healthiest animal around!

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