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Your Sacred Space

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Your Sacred Space

Where is your soul at home?
Denise  Linn
Denise Linn More by this author
Dec 19, 2011 at 09:00 AM

I believe that there are four things that the soul requires in a home: First, it needs a sense of belonging, to feel connected to the land or a place; second, it needs a place to feel safe, so you can be yourself without fear or hesitation; third, it yearns for harmony with the greater cycles of nature; and finally, your soul needs sacred space. When your home has these things, your life will be filled with inner peace.

The survival of the earliest humans depended on their ability to live in balance with the natural world, and their homes reflected an awareness of this fact. Unfortunately, modern homes are often separated from nature, and the soul has suffered as a result.

Today, bring nature into your environment so that the “beauty in your home leads the heart to the holy mountain.” Find a way to implement the feeling of nature by bringing it into your home. Here are some ideas:

  • Put up a photo of nature.
  • Create an arrangement of leaves, moss, pinecones, and stones on a table.
  • Tie feathers on strings and let them dangle where a breeze can softly move them.
  • Put a big plant by the front door.
  • Take a walk, find some items from nature, and arrange them into a mandala on a coffee table.
  • Play CDs of nature sounds, such as a waterfall, raindrops, the ocean surf, wind, crickets, birds, and so on.

Imagine that you are hand in hand with your soul, walking through your home. What places nourish and comfort your soul? What places do not? Go through each room and ask your soul if there is a way that the space could be even more conducive to its well-being.

When you complete this exercise, begin to take action. For example, if your soul says, “This room feels great, but it would be nice to have some fresh flowers,” bring home a pretty bouquet to enhance the energy of that room.

Locate one place in your home that will be your power spot, and make sure that it is clear and clean. In that space, put objects that inspire you and are beautiful or meaningful, such as favorite photos, crystals, flowers, candles, or special stones. This place does not have to be large, but it should be big enough for you to use for meditation or relaxation, or where you can simply sit and rejuvenate your spirit. For example, it could be a comfortable chair by a sunny window where you sit to replenish your energy.

Creating Sacred Space

It is valuable to have at least one place in the home that honors the sacred aspects of life—an altar is one way of accomplishing this. A home altar is like a small temple in your house, which can assist you on your journey toward healing and integration and can serve as a reminder of the sacred aspects of life.

Many people today think that altars are religious and only of significance inside a church; however, for thousands of years, people created altars in their dwellings. These sanctified areas were spiritual and provided a sacred space, a visible symbol of the connection between heaven and earth. Altars were a reminder of the mysteries of the universe and served as a focal point for communing with spiritual realms.

Create an altar today dedicated to your soul and the souls of those who share your space. On it put reminders of what feeds your soul. For example, you might place seashells there that you found at the beach during your vacation because they remind you of those joyous moments by the sea. You might also include a feather as a reminder to take life lightly. Another idea is to place photos of family members and loved ones on your altar.

After gathering the objects, place each object on your altar with a sense of grace. Speak aloud from your heart about the deeper, underlying meaning of each object.

Complete your altar with a blessing for your home.

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Denise  Linn
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