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Your Special Angels

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Your Special Angels

Where do you need a lift?
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Feb 07, 2011 at 09:00 AM

Do you need some specialized heavenly assistance? Your own guardian angels are always with you, but don’t forget that you can call additional celestial helpers to your side when you need them. To do so, you may either mentally or verbally ask God to send them to you, directly ask them to come to you, or visualize more of them with you. Any method works, as long as you ask. Don’t worry that you’re bothering the angels with your requests. There are countless angels, and they’re unlimited beings who are glad to help bring you peace.

Like people, angels have specialties. You can ask for the ones best qualified to help with a particular situation, or call upon the following specialty angels:

Angels of Abundance: These angels guide you in making wise financial decisions, give career boosts, bring about financial windfalls, help you meet your basic needs, leave coins for you to find, and help with Divine timing in career moves.

Healing Angels: Led by the archangel Raphael, these angels surround ailing people with healing energy, calm worries about health, guide your decisions about medical care, help aspiring or current healers, and release negativity, such as anger or pessimism.

Moving Angels: These angels guide you to find the perfect new home, help you sell or rent your previous home, assist with financing and qualifying for a new residence, ease the relocation process, keep moving-related stress to a minimum, and protect your belongings during the move.

Romance Angels: These cherubic angels bring people together, heal troubled relationships (and add fun and passion to them), and offer guidance about readying yourself to meet your soul mate.

Fitness Angels: Fitness angels boost your motivation to get and keep your body physically fit, guide you to the right form of exercise, reduce or eliminate cravings, help you choose healthful foods and beverages, and keep you from feeling deprived or making excuses.

Nature Angels: Also known as devas, fairies, and elementals, these special angels are guardians to plants, bodies of water, and domestic and wild animals. They assist you with gardening, or attracting birds and butterflies to your garden; guide you to make ecologically sound choices; urge you to pick up trash during outdoor walks; and help those who wish to adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Driving and Parking Angels: These powerful angels help you find your destination, arrive on time, and find a parking space. (Mentally ask for a spot before you reach your destination to allow the angels time to arrange a great opening for you.)

Beauty Angels: Led by the archangel of beauty, Jophiel, these angels help you choose the best outfit, hairstyle, and accessories for any situation; guide you to wonderful hairdressers; bring you gifts; make you glow from the inside; and show you how very attractive you are!

Family Angels: These loving angels, led by the archangels Gabriel and Metatron, help you with all aspects of child rearing, including adoption and conception; assist with domestic projects and decisions; maintain family unity and peace; encourage family members to be open-minded and compassionate toward one another; and protect the home.

Warrior Angels: These angels, championed by the archangel Michael, peacefully and lovingly fight on behalf of underdogs and social issues, help grassroots causes, assist charitable organizations, protect children and guard against domestic violence, safeguard your home and valuables, give courage and outlets to those who wish to speak or write about injustices, and aid pro bono lawyers.

Angels do have gender energies that make them look and act distinctively masculine or feminine. However, each of us has Divine companions with different ratios of males to females. So you might have three male and one female, while your sister has two females.

All angels really do have wings and a Heavenly appearance, similar to the look of Renaissance paintings reproduced on holiday cards and in religious art. They don’t use these wings for transportation in my experience, as I’ve never seen an angel “flapping.” I’ve seen them enfold a person in their wings for comfort, and that’s the only purpose served, from what I’ve seen.

One time the angels told me that the only reason they have wings is due to our Western expectations. They said:

“The original painters of angels mistook our aura of light for wings, so they depicted us with wings in their paintings, and we appear to you this way so that you will know that it is us, your angels.”

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