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Your Theta State of Mind

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Your Theta State of Mind

A breakthrough in healing.
Vianna  Stibal
Vianna Stibal More by this author
Nov 12, 2012 at 09:00 AM

After Vianna was able to heal her leg, from what doctors believed was cancer, she began to explore the healing technique she had discovered…

I started using the technique on people with all sorts of diseases and infirmities. Many were healed instantly, other took a few sessions, and still others simply did not heal.

I knew the results could be improved if we had a better understanding of what we were doing, so I commenced investigating. That’s when I came to believe that the healings were being performed from a Theta state of mind. I had some knowledge about this state because of my then husband Blake. He had many books about the subconscious mind and was obsessed with the Theta brainwave.

Using the Theta state for healing wasn’t new. Many hypnotists had brought clients and health practitioners to that state in order to perform healing. I was taking it further, though: I was convinced that you could call upon and connect with God in that state, and that would lead to amazing results. If my theory was correct, then I had a breakthrough in healing and an explanation of faith healing that could be scientifically measured.

I began to teach the technique in the classes that I held locally. During my first class, a student stood up and told me that it was absolutely impossible to hold a conscious Theta state, as the other brainwaves would interfere. He said that it was a great theory, but was impossible. I was amused by this response and more determined than ever to prove my theory.

As I explain in ThetaHealing, validation came in December 1996 when a physicist friend made us an electroencephalograph and I was able to test people. Sure enough, every single person was going into a Theta state while practicing the technique. And not only was the practitioner going into Theta, but so was the person they were working on. It was then that the term ‘ThetaHealing’ was born.

My daughter Brandy was one of my early test subjects for ThetaHealing. At 12 years old she didn’t have one of her front teeth because for some reason it hadn’t come through yet. The dentist assumed that she didn’t have the tooth, so I commanded that a tooth be created.

I then took her to another dentist for a second opinion. He told me there was a tooth but it was in the wrong place, behind the eyetooth. It seemed an easy fix, so I commanded that her tooth move over and come through. Within two weeks, there it was, and perfectly straight, too. In fact, it was the only straight tooth in her mouth. I attempted to psychically straighten Brandy’s teeth, but this was painful for her, so I decided to take her to get braces. When I did so, the dentist told me that he couldn’t put braces on her until he had pulled the extra tooth that was growing behind her front tooth. Then I remembered I had commanded a tooth to be created and had commanded a different one to move over—and had never cancelled the first command. So the new tooth had to be surgically removed—which Brandy wasn’t really happy about!

Brandy always healed fast, though; she had perfect faith. On one occasion when she was in high school, she pulled her arm out of its socket when she was cheerleading. I was teaching a small class at my office when she came in, tears streaming down her face and her arm just hanging there. She walked up to me in front of the class and said, “Fix it, Momma!”

No pressure there! I remember being horrified, thinking, I have to take her to the hospital! But there she was, right in front of my class, asking for a healing. So I excused myself, took her into my healing room and did a healing on her shoulder. It went right back into place and Brandy skipped out of the healing room, walked back through the class and went back to cheerleading practice.

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Vianna  Stibal
Vianna Stibal is an artist, writer, teacher, and intuitive reader. Based in Bigfork, Montana, she is committed to spreading her healing paradigm throughout the world and has trained teachers and practitioners in more than 25 countries. Vianna Continue reading